CoastPredict – Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean


Observing and Predicting the Global Coastal Ocean

This is the page of the new programme submitted to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The high level objectives of CoastPredict are:

  1. A predicted global coastal ocean;
  2. The upgrade to a fit-for-purpose oceanographic information infrastructure;
  3. Co-design and implementation of an integrated coastal ocean observing and forecasting system adhering to best practices and standards, designed as a global framework and implemented locally.

The expected outcomes are:

  1. Integrated knowledge of the global coastal ocean from events to climate (advancing Knowledge);
  2. The design and implementation of an integrated river/estuarine/coastal/open ocean observing and modelling multidisciplinary system (integrated observing and predicting);
  3. Improved coastal marine forecasting and extended range predictive capabilities for the coastal zone (accurate predictions from hours to centuries ahead);
  4. Methods for trusted data/information exchange and interoperability across the value chain to be adopted as best practices (open and free access to coastal information);
  5. Innovative and sustainable applications for coastal solutions/services that directly benefit local populations, including ecosystem services such as food provision, well-being and human health (solutions);
  6. Increased equitable education and capacity for observing and forecasting in the global coastal ocean (capacity building).
  7. Strong engagement of Early Career Professionals and promotion of education, training and research under principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (education, no-one left behind)

Synergistic and co-designing international programs: GOOS, IODE, IODE/GOOS OBPS, OceanPredict/COSS-TT, CEOS-COAST, WWRP.

Synergistic submitted Decade programs: GEOS- Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions, EquiSea- The Ocean Science Fund for All, Ocean Corps, Global Ocean Oxygen Decade (GOOD), Marine Life 2030, The Digital Twins of the Ocean – DITTO.

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